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Reclaimed Keruing chosen for RHS Wisley ‘Back to Nature’ garden

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FSC Certified Timber

Saving tropical timber for future generations

Ashwells Reclaimed Timber is the UK’s leading tropical timber reclamation specialist.  From our timber yard and mill in Essex, we reclaim tropical hardwoods such as Greenheart, Jarrah, and Keruing; repurposing the timber for future use in an FSC® certified process that prevents further deforestation, saves energy and mineral resources, and protects architectural history.

“The rainforest is disappearing, fast.  That’s why we’re collaborating with civil engineering contractors and landscape architects, saving tropical timber, and enabling a more sustainable built environment.”
Janine Davies-Tutt, MD

Rainforest Trees Reclaimed
CO2e Saved Annually

How can we help?

Landscape Architects and Designers

Eco-requirements in project briefs continue to rise, thankfully we make it easy to meet your sustainability goals.  Source FSC Certified reclaimed timber products, all designed and engineered following our rigorous quality management system.

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Civil Engineers

It’s a crime to throw away, burn, compost or recycle reusable timber (EU Waste Framework Directive 2008, UK Waste Regulations 2011) for which there is a market.  We can reclaim your unwanted timber, or re-purpose so you can use again.

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Eco-design Best Practice

Here’s a few of our favourite reclaimed tropical and temperate timber projects…


How an interior design firm is rethinking timber in the workplace

While some are still debating sustainable design strategies, and how to best specify materials that reduce carbon emissions, BASE Interiors has chosen action.

Timber in the UK’s Circular Economy

Fresh from the Landscape Show, we address the hot topic on everyone’s agenda…sustainable design. Looking at the circular economy, and the role reclaimed tropical timber plays in reducing the environmental impact of construction.

Reclaimed Greenheart puts the smile back into playtime

Reclaimed sustainable timber demonstrates its circular economy potential once again.  As John O’Driscoll and the award–winning Adventure Playground Engineers re-use Greenheart timber re-claimed from the Woolwich Ferry Terminal in an ambitious design for Berkeley Homes.    At Ashwells  Reclaimed Timber we’re actively working to support sustainable construction, and want to see the reuse of tropical timber increase to 50%.      That’s why the collaborative projects we […]

Reclaimed Tropical Timber

How to include reclaimed tropical timber in sustainable design

A practical CPD guide for responsible architects, designers and specifiers

How to include reclaimed tropical timber in sustainable design

A practical CPD guide for responsible architects, designers and specifiers