Janine has worked within the reclamation industry for over 30 years. During this time Janine developed a fascination for reclaiming tropical hardwood timber, realising that this product, which is hundreds of years old, can be found around the coast, rivers and canals of the United Kingdom. As a consequence of this she has developed an in­depth knowledge of the properties of these hardwoods.

During her career Janine has worked with award winning Landscape Designers, Architects and Civil Engineers. She has had the pleasure of seeing their collaborations at major venues such as the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, The Eden Project and London Zoo, to name a but few.


Deb joined Ashwell in 2010 having been drawn to the company and its ethos and especially the potential of the wood itself. This has taken her all over the country, clambering under jetties, scaling piles of timber, and stroking beautiful sea distressed timber, learning all about the history and provenance of the timber they reclaim.
Deb is inspired by businesses with a strong environmental ethos. She believes this type of business will have a prominent place in future markets. She also has a great interest in business through collaboration. She states, ‘We are instinctively social beings so I believe we are stronger, happier and consequently, more productive when working together’.

What is tropical timber?

Most of the timber would have come into the UK during colonial times from Africa, Australia, Central America and British Guyana, to name a few. Due to the climate it grows in, the grain is extremely dense giving it its durability. When cut it displays red, yellow and vibrant oranges; all the colours of the tropics.


We can provide you with environmentally friendly material which is extremely durable and displays the beautiful colours of the tropics.

Landscape Designers

We can increase your green credentials with your clients whilst adding stunning natural colours to your designs. Our timber will last 25+ years in direct contact with the ground, without treatment and every piece has a story to tell.

Civil Engineers

We can reduce your landfill costs by taking away the timber, resawing it so you can reuse it on your site. We help you tick the responsible sourcing and CSR boxes and provide a full chain of custody.

We provided timber for this photo shoot at the Ralph Lauren’s London branch. 

We have also supplied seating and cat walks for London Fashion Week.

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Greenheart timber travels full circle! 

The Greenheart tree is an evergreen that grows in the rainforests of Guyana, South America.

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Our reclaimed sustainable timber has taken pride of place at this year’s RHS Chelsea, featuring in both the Back to Nature and Facebook: Behind the Curtain gardens.

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What we do

We at Ashwells reclaim timber, specifically tropical hardwoods, for creative people working on a wide range of structural projects throughout the UK.   Our timber can be seen in places as diverse as restaurant and hotel chains, London Zoo, private gardens and river works.

Our clients rely on our knowledge and the fact that we provide a transparent and traceable chain of custody for all our timber, whatever its source.

And we actively share our knowledge through blogs, our community forum, focus sheets and events.



Wishing to work with and collaborate with Ashwell Reclaimed and Recycled Timber for interiors, exteriors and structure of our Resort Treehouses Project, I love the idea of working throughout in reclaimed/re-used timbers that have a providence – as you relax, cook or sleep in the luxury treehouse each timber is marked/identified as having previously been a coastal pier or London department store or sea-defences – just awesome – sold the idea to our client today, so let’s get to work and create something beautiful!
Paul Cameron, Treehouse Life Ltd
‘Absolute gold mine of a timber yard’
If you have an interest in wood then please go check out Ashwell Timber, as it’s an amazing local resource for interesting and unusual wood materials for any creative out there that want to make something a bit different.
Christopher Schubert, Maken Designs
We approached Ashwell’s looking for a quantity of trees for our Hanuman monkey enclosure. We found the individual service we received to be excellent. Janine took great care in sourcing the ideal trees and took part in a road trip to see them whilst still in the ground! The trees were due to be turned into firewood but we ensured they got a second use.
I have no hesitation in recommending Ashwell. Janine was professional, super organised and patient with our many requests and phone calls. She made sure all of our needs were met from size, delivery and the weird shapes that we were looking for.
The trees are now in situ in the hanuman monkey exhibit at the zoo and look fantastic, exactly how we had imagined the exhibit to look. We are delighted with the trees that were supplied and the service we received.
Tracey Lee, Team Leader, Mammals South, London Zoo
Ashwell’s is an impressive company with a passionate team. They offer a range of high-quality timber and are very knowledgeable on the different types available. I worked with the team to build a wooden kiosk for food trade and would highly recommend their services to anybody looking to buy reclaimed wood to build furniture, or characterful and solid constructions.

Cost & delivery also fair and reliable.

Thanks Ashwell’s!

Stephanie Brooks, Boa Vida
Janine and the team at Ashwell have supported me with expertise and bespoke structures enhancing many private and public garden projects over the years. I often use Ashwell’s Woodlock in the construction of urban gardens where the predominant surface is concrete or tar. Woodlock structures are highly durable and can be assembled quickly and easily to create substantial raised beds with capacity for small orchards. I love the robust aesthetic of reclaimed wood. Its a joy to use timbers saved from landfill knowing that they will hold healthy soil, fruit, veg and flowers for generations into the future.
Sarah Kent, Edible Organic Landscapes
Ashwells were recommended to me by my regular timber supplier who provide me with more commercially available timber. I needed wood for a sink vanity stand with more character than commercial timbers could provide. Ashwells have a bounty of fascinating timber reclaimed from coastal areas, they are very knowledgeable regarding the origins and recommended use of their stock and clearly have a passion for the service that they provide. My client was extremely happy with their furniture, they loved the texture of the wood which was created from 50 years of weathering, and the fact that the boards were removed from Southend pier which was less than half a mile from their home was the icing on the cake. 
Adam Conway, High House Fine Bespoke Furniture
Loved these guys. Very efficient and the quality of the wood they have is first rate. Always worth a phone call to see what the have in. Highly recommended
Gemma Feeney
Ashwell Timber provided a very thorough and professional service from the selection of the tree for project, to the felling, preparation and transportation and finishing of the tree. They were brilliant to work with, being patient, and collaborative, and innovative with providing ideas and information about the tree. We have also worked with them before and hope to again! We would definitely recommend their services.
Marie Price, Muf Architecture-Art
During the procurement phase, we approached Ashwells Timber, stating our requirements that were set out in the design and in the Environment Agency procurement guidelines. Ashwell Timber was able to match all of the requirements, as well as was able to profile and drill the fenders within a short time frame, that could not be matched by other saw mills.
Bam Nuttall and Mott MacDonald
I was introduced to Ashwells by a friend, am I glad I was. We now have unique, naturally beautiful sculptured pieces, which are in situ in our garden, although one is so good it should be in the house! They are all natural and have been shaped by the power of the water and the air. This is architectural salvage/ upcycling at its best and with the knowledge and passion of Janine at Ashwells, how can it be better.
Tracey Parker - August 2017
Thanks for opening our first meeting of the year with such a fascinating talk on Ashwells and your passion for reclaiming and reusing tropical hardwoods.
It was a revelation what can be done with these timbers when they reach the end of their useful life in older sea defences, harbours, and piers etc. When they are reused in projects like fashion catwalks, a tree house, and London Zoo animal habitats and even recycled full circle back into groynes and sea defences.
Your reclamation and preparation of these beautiful timbers for upcycling, must make a great contribution to halting and raising awareness of the importance of stopping the deforestation of tropical hardwoods and their illegal importation.
Susan, Hatfield Broad Oak WI
I just wanted to say Thank you so much for letting me buy the pencil cedar from your office, it is absolutely perfect as my headboard! Bit of wire wool and wax and has cleaned up nicely.
So happy, Thank you!
Kirsten Chalmers