A Well-Travelled Timber!

We recently visited Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

As many people before us, we were blown away by the size of the Giant Sequoias, once considered the largest living thing on earth. They can reach 164 to 279 feet high and 20 to 26 feet in diameter. The wood is resistant to timber destroying insects and fungi and the bark is resistant to fire.

The timber is commonly referred to as a redwood, but the sapwood is a white or pale yellow providing a lovely contrast. It can be used for boat building, decorative veneering, decking, furniture and cabinet making or jewellery boxes. It can also be used for work surfaces or decorative bridge making as seen here.

Ironically, even though the tree grows to a great size, when felled it can become quite brittle and fracture on impact. People have attempted to overcome this in the past by digging trenches and lining them with leaves, with minimal success.

Some years ago we came across a parcel of this wood measuring approximately 70x600x2.5m, obviously coming from smaller trees so therefore sturdier. At the moment we are providing a customer with a slab of sequoia to make a home office desk.

The grain makes it an attractive and interesting feature.