About Ashwells

We are passionate about what we do and have the pleasure of working closely with gifted designers, architects and project managers with whom we share a vision of transforming bulk timber into durable, beautiful structures.

And we want to share what we know.  So please, feel free to download some of the information from our site.

Help us close the recycling loop and buy R.C.P (Recycled Content Products).

Our saw mill can produce timber to your specification, for construction purposes, landscaping, bridges, gates, fencing, and decking. Alternatively, we can machine your own timbers arising from tree felling, demolition, sea defences etc.

We have in stock approximately 1,000 cubic meters of reclaimed hardwood and softwood timber salvaged from landfill sites, demolition jobs, lock gates, sea defences and tree felling. We also have reclaimed hardwood and softwood railway sleepers (treated and untreated), tree trunks up to 1.5m diameter and large constructional timbers, up to 400×400.

Street Furniture: With our bespoke service we can manufacture bollards, seating, planters, log benches and signage, to your design and specification and all from extremely durable reclaimed tropical and temperate hardwood timbers.

Meet The Team


Janine Davies­-Tutt is the Managing Director for Ashwells and has worked within the reclamation industry for over 30 years.



Deb Davies­-Tutt is the Operations and Marketing Manager for Ashwells, with twenty years in public service.