Ashwells supports European 50% reclamation targets

As the new Europe wide FCRBE initiative launches, Ashwells joins Salvo’s action group, and pledges to do all it can to help increase the reuse of reclaimed timber in construction across northwest Europe

The FCRBE initiative (Facilitating the Circulation of Reclaimed Building Elements) might not have a snappy title, but it does have bold reclamation ambitions.  The kind of ambitions we’re passionate about supporting.

A three-year project part funded by the European Regional Development Fund; it aims to increase reuse in construction across north west Europe by 50%.  In Britain the two partners activating change are Salvo and the University of Brighton, who will be working in collaboration with six further partners across Belgium and France.

Janine Davies-Tutt says, “At Ashwells we’re long time members of the Salvo Code for Good Practice in Stock Purchasing, and are FSC certified for reclaimed wood.  So, when we were invited to be the first yard visited as part of a drive to increase listings of UK and Irish reclamation businesses we said yes immediately.  We applaud Salvo’s plan to make it easier for landscape and construction professionals to source reclaimed materials, it’s the first step to change”.

It’s shocking, but only 1% of the 100m tonnes of new construction materials used annually in the UK is reclaimed.

Through our work with Salvo, and support of the FCRBE initiative, we are determined to bring about change, and ensure the UK’s use of reclaimed timber reaches the 50% goal.


  • The benefit of reusing reclaimed timber is that it saves energy, mineral resources, forests, architectural history, provides employment and can reduce construction costs.
  • Ashwells, through the supply of timber to clients, currently contribute to saving the equivalent of around 500 tonnes of CO2e annually.


Salvo and Ashwells are calling for reclamation-friendly landscape architects, garden designers, architects and civil engineers to get involved.

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About Ashwells Reclaimed Timber

Ashwells Reclaimed Timber is a tropical reclamation specialist based in Bulphan, Essex.   We reclaim and repurpose FSC certified tropical timber and temperate British hardwoods.  From our timber mill we supply hard and softwoods to be re-purposed into bespoke pieces, from garden planters and seating to street furniture and sea defences.  We’re also proud to collaborate with award winning landscape designers, architects and civil engineers, and our reclaimed tropical timber can be seen in major projects across the UK, including hotel and restaurant chains, the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, The Eden Project and London Zoo.