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London Zoo

Land of the Lions 2016

Material: Greenheart Piles Skimmed and short cuts for the railway wagon

Source: Portsmouth Harbour

London Zoo

Hanuman Monkeys in The Land of the Lions 2016

Material: Tree Trunks and Branches

Source: Woodland in Norfolk due to be cut down for firewood

London Zoo

In With the Lemurs 2015

Material: Round Greenheart Piles

Source: Woolverstone Marina on the River Orwell, Ipswich

London Zoo

Penguin Beach 2011

Material: Pitch Pine Piles and Cross Beams

Source: Bawdsey Beach, Suffolk

London Zoo

Gorilla Kingdom 2007

Material: Ekki and Jarrah Sleepers, Cladding/flooring/gym bars

Source: Sleepers – UK/Europe

London Zoo

African Bird Aviary 2005

Material: Ekki and Jarrah Sleepers, Hand Rails, Bridge Uprights

Sources: Sleepers – UK/Europe

London Zoo

The Komodo Dragon House 2004

Material: Ekki and Jarrah Sleepers, Greenheart Pilings Skimmings, Opepe Groyne Boards

Source: Sleepers – UK/Europe, Greenheart – Rainham Power Station Jetty, Opepe – St Leonards Beach

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