Deb Davies­-Tutt 

Deb Davies­-Tutt is the Operations and Marketing Manager for Ashwells, with twenty years in public service behind her Deb joined Ashwell in 2010 having been drawn to the company and its ethos and especially the potential of the wood itself. This has taken her all over the country, clambering under jetties, scaling piles of timber, and stroking beautiful sea distressed timber, learning all about the history and provenance of the timber they reclaim.

Deb is inspired by businesses with a strong environmental ethos. She believes this type of business will have a prominent place in future markets. She also has a great interest in business through collaboration. She states, ‘We are instinctively social beings so I believe we are stronger, happier and consequently, more productive when working together’.

Deb has a strong interest in the social sciences, with a First Class degree in Psychosocial Studies from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and a Diploma in International Welfare and Social Policy. She is also a qualified teacher with a keen interest in developing apprentice schemes within the company.

Deb Davies­-Tutt also lives and works in Essex, England