All stock consists of tropical and temperate hardwoods.

Tropical hardwood originates from tropical rainforests throughout the world. It would have been in use in the UK for approximately, 50 to 100 years before being acquired by Ashwells.

The temperate wood comes from the cooler climates in the world and is a hardwood, however, the tropical hardwood is considered the more durable timber.

The table below shows the types of timber and its durability, once resawn, according to ‘Trada classification of durability’

Timber  Durability 
Ekki 25yrs +
Greenheart 25yrs +
Jarrah 25yrs +
Opepe 25yrs + 
Balau 25yrs +
Oak  25yrs +
Sweet Chestnut 15 – 25 yrs +
Pitch Pine  10 – 15yrs +
Douglas Fir 10 – 15yrs +