Eco-Friendly Design that’s Durable and Stable

Reclaimed sustainable timber proves its landscape design credentials once again.  As the celebrated Davies White ‘Back to Nature’ design – featuring reclaimed tropical Keruing – takes centre stage at RHS Hampton Court.

The Back to Nature Garden, designed by Davies and White in collaboration with HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, has relocated from RHS Chelsea, and now takes centre stage at RHS Hampton Court.   Central to the design is a timber walkway made from characterful Keruing timber we reclaimed from the pier at Southend-on-Sea.

Originating in Malaya and elsewhere in South East Asia, Keruing provides a stable timber capable of coping with the high footfall demands expected during the garden’s lifetime.  Once it completes its RHS Hampton Court show it will once again move, this time to its final home, RHS Wisley where thousands more visitors will tread its planks.

Commenting Deb Davies-Tutt says, “The collaborative projects Janine and I work on with garden designers and landscape architects are beginning to make a difference, contributing a saving of the equivalent of around 500 tonnes of CO2e annually, and avoiding the need to fell greenheart and other tropical and rainforest trees.  But more needs to be done to prevent beautiful, durable, stable tropical timber from being sent to landfill – and prevent more trees from being cut down unnecessarily.”

At Ashwells, we believe the key is partnership and education.  We’re working with garden designers and landscape architects across the UK.  Sharing our knowledge gained over 30 years reclaiming timber.  And providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshops to educate designers, architects and specifiers – helping them to understand more about the rare tropical and temperate hardwoods available and making it easier for them to demonstrate sustainable design best practice in future design schemes.

“Landscape architects are often surprised to learn that reclaimed greenheart is an exceptionally durable and tough tropical hardwood – not only more durable and stable than English oak, but also sustainable and cost comparable.  Just like the many other tough and rare tropical timbers we have reclaimed, resawn and repurposed into usable FSC certified structural timbers, floorboards, features, and planking,” says Deb.

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About Ashwells Reclaimed Timber

Ashwells Reclaimed Timber is a tropical reclamation specialist based in Bulphan, Essex.   We salvage and rescue beautiful, durable tropical timber.  From our timber mill we supply hard and softwoods to be re-purposed into bespoke pieces, from garden planters and seating to street furniture and sea defences.  We’re also proud to collaborate with award winning landscape designers, architects and civil engineers, and our reclaimed tropical timber can be seen in major projects across the UK, including hotel and restaurant chains, the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, The Eden Project and London Zoo.


Civil Engineers:  It’s a crime to throw away, burn, compost or recycle reusable timber (EU Waste Framework Directive 2008, UK Waste Regulations 2011) for which there is a market.  That’s why we’re here to help.  We can take away your timber, or resaw so that you can re-use on your site.  Contact us today >>


Architects, interior and landscape Designers: Understand the durable and beautiful potential of reclaimed tropical timber.  We’ll support your sustainability goals.  Using reclaimed tropical hardwood or reclaimed temperate British hardwood timbers will add stunning colour and character to your design.  Our timber will last for 25+ years when in direct contact with the ground, without treatment.  And every piece has a story to tell.  Contact us today >>