Ashwells Greenheart Skimmings Spring Promotion

Ashwells Reclaimed Timber is pleased to kick off its Spring Promotion and make sustainable, FSC certified Greenheart Skimmings an even more economical choice for commercial and residential customers across the UK. 


Spring Offer! Upgrade sleepers for Greenheart Skimmings 

For a limited time only, we’re reducing our FSC Greenheart Skimmings from £15 to £10 per linear metre 

Order your Greenheart Skimmings now. 

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Why choose Ashwells Greenheart Skimmings? 

  • Ashwells Greenheart Skimmings are FSC certified 
  • FSC certification is the sustainable choice you can trust to deliver better outcomes for forests, people and markets 
  • Greenheart is one of the strongest timbers on the planet 
  • Greenheart Skimmings provide 20+ years material life expectancy 
  • Available in in various widths, from 200-450mm 
  • Prices start from £10 per linear meter 
  • Most durable choice for edging, cladding, retaining walls, terracing, raised beds and more … 


Greenheart Skimmings Cost VS Durability Comparison 

Grade 1 Sleepers 

From £15 per linear meter 

15-20 year material life expectancy when in contact with the soil 


Ashwells Greenheart Skimmings 

From £10 per liner meter during Spring Promotion 

20+ material life expectancy when in contact with the soil

FSC certified as the sustainable choice you can trust 


Softwood Scaffold Boards

From £5 per liner meter 

8-10 year material life expectancy when in contact with the soil 


Greenheart – The World’s Strongest Timber  

Our reclaimed Greenheart originally grew in South America, before being imported into the UK for use in marine construction many, many years ago. 

Greenheart is known as one of the strongest and most durable timber in the world. 

The tree grows tall, and slow, ensuring the grain is straight.   


Greenheart Skimmings in Garden Construction Projects 

Reclaimed Greenheart Skimmings strength and durability make them the obvious choice for sustainable commercial and residential garden construction projects. 

In this blog we walk you through every step of the process, and explain why Greenheart Skimmings are far superior to softwood scaffolding boards when it comes to material longevity.  



Why Choose Ashwells Reclaimed Timber? 

Ashwells Reclaimed Timber is the UK’s leading tropical timber reclamation specialist. For over 30 years Ashwells has been successfully reclaiming tropical hardwoods such as Jarrah, Ekki, Greenheart, Opepe and Keruing, and subsequently repurposing the timber for future use in a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified process.  


For Greenheart Skimmings and other reclaimed timber products please contact Alice or Karen on 01375 892576 or email