Janine Davies­-Tutt

Janine Davies­-Tutt is the Managing Director for Ashwells and has worked within the reclamation industry for over 30 years. During this time Janine developed a fascination for reclaiming tropical hardwood timber, realising that this product, which is hundreds of years old, can be found around the coast, rivers and canals of the United Kingdom. As a consequence of this she has developed an in­depth knowledge of the properties of these hardwoods.

Janine was one of the founding members of SALVO UK; an organisation that specialises in bringing together like­minded companies within the reclamation industry.

During her career Janine has worked with award winning Landscape Designers, Architects and Civil Engineers. She has had the pleasure of seeing their collaborations at major venues such as the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, The Eden Project and London Zoo, to name a but few.

Janine believes that every stick of tropical hardwood timber that is pulled out of any building, pier, jetty, dock, marina, or sea defences should be reclaimed and reused. Thus saving our planets natural resources (the rain forests) and their contribution to the existence of all living things, as well as what limited landfill space is still available.

Janine Davies­Tutt lives and works in Essex, England