Projects – Landscape Design

Kilbees’s Farm

Murdoch Wickham, one of the leading Landscape Architectural companies in the UK, approached us to supply the material for this exclusive project. They had designed this beautiful boat house/garden room and deck area, specifying the use of reclaimed timber; the effect is outstanding. To achieve this look John Murdoch insisted that every piece of timber must not have any clean, sawn edges. This structure was built using Oak that was once Groyne timbers on Bracklesham Bay on the South coast. The structure blends into its environment beautifully, instantly looking like it is part of the history of the grounds; enhanced by the spectacular planting scheme.

Cook Piling: Bourne End

This stunning project is a great example of how reclaimed sea defence timbers can be re-sawn and prepared into decking and cladding. Cook Piling already had dismantled lock gates in stock to use for rebuilding the river wall, but needed Ashwells to complement them. The owners requested a bespoke rustic look using reclaimed and upcycled tropical timbers sourced from previous marine environments. Both the decking and cladding will last for many years to come.

Cook Piling: Henley

This cladding along the river bank at Henley-on-Thames demonstrates the various colours of tropical hardwood timber. It is also the ideal material to use as its durability is perfectly suited to this environment.

Garden Room

6a architects were commissioned to design a garden room for a mother of a busy family who was reliant on a wheelchair. Through their unique, innovative approach they designed a structure that winds around the trees situated in the centre of the garden. The client, Rowan Moore states, ‘we can enjoy the garden much more thoroughly, and that previous neglected parts now get more attention. The garden, actually smaller, feels bigger’. (Rowan Moore is architecture critic at the Observer and author of Why We Build). 6a approached us to supply the reclaimed Jarrah cladding for the walls and roof of the extension . We used reclaimed sleepers from the UK rail network, and cut them to their specifications in our sawmill. The project was awarded 2 RIBA awards.

Edible Organic Landscapes

We have had the pleasure of working with Sarah Kent on numerous Community based projects. She provides an excellent example of how versatile our planters are. By using the ‘Woodlock’, she’s been able to transform a hardstanding area into an attractive, functional space, providing fresh produce for the local community.

London Zoo

We have had the pleasure of working with London Zoo (ZSL), for over 20 years. We have provided reclaimed tropical hardwood timber for numerous animal habitats, from the Anteater house, to the Gorilla Kingdom and Leamur enclosures, and most recently Land of the Lions. The extremely gifted Landscape Designers and Construction Engineers have strived to ensure the enclosures suit the needs of all their inhabitants.

See and read more about our work with the London Zoo here.

The Chelsea Tree House

This stunning Tree House achieved a Silver Gilt Medal in 2002. Murdoch Wickham designed the structure for Pear Tree (Tree House) Ltd. By using large sections of reclaimed timber within the structure, the tree house achieves an ageless look and the large leaved plants give it a tropical feel. We were delighted to work with Murdoch Wickham, providing the timber from places such as: flooring from waney edged Sequoia Broads; Oak Keel blocks as seating from The Royal Chatham Docks and edging made from Pile Points, cut from Greenheart pile ends

Timberplay: Castle Hill

This play area was built on the site of a quarry situated in Ebbsfleet Valley near the Bluewater Shopping centre. During previous works, evidence was unearthed that packs of early humans hunted the area, with bone and flint pieces showing that the group were able to successfully hunt and butcher an elephant for its meat. In keeping with the history of the site we were asked to supply the timber to replicate a rib cage of a large mammal. The timber for this project came from an Oak Tree that was felled to make way for a car park near Stansted in Essex!

Timberplay: Millfield Park

Aileen Shackell, Landscape Designer and Phil Doyle, Play Consultant, won a competition to transform this park in Hackney, using a very limited budget. We worked with them to prepare and supply the central play-tree feature, the tree sections surrounding the sand area and the feature entrance. All tree sections were sourced from Tree Surgeons waste and managed forests. They also used various play features provided and installed by Timberplay.