Monkey’s Need Structure!

We were approached by Tracey Lee; Team Leader for the ‘Mammal South’ section at London Zoo, who informed us ZSL (Zoological Society of London), had decided to create an enclosure for their three new Hanuman Langur monkeys. These leaf eating monkeys are an Asian species, which can be found in a wide range of habitats, from plains to forests. A species that is threatened by habitat loss, therefore it is estimated there are only 230,000 left in India.

Our sales and purchasing department sourced a forest area in Norfolk, which had not been maintained for some time. As a consequence of this the oak trees had grown tall and thin so the owner had planned to cut the trees down for fire wood. However, we suspected they would make ideal structures for the monkeys, who prefers to spend the majority of their time in the trees, only coming to the ground to forage, we invited Tracey and a colleague to visit the site to confirm their suitability and to choose which trees they would prefer to be cut down for their enclosure.

We were also informed the Hanuman Langur monkeys enclosure will provide the supporting cast for the Asiatic Lions at the Zoo. There are only 400 left in the world and they can only be found in the Gir Forest in India. We will also be providing a few tree trunks for this enclosure to supply the lions with scratch posts. This enclosure will open Easter 2016 and will be named ‘Land of Lions’.

This project is not yet finished, I hope to bring more images once the trees are in place and being fully utilised by the inhabitants of London Zoo.

Watch this space!