Neptune’s Back Garden

The customer wanted the materials to have the texture qualities of something that had been in contact with the sea

Imagine a 16 m x 400 x 400mm Greenheart Pile, the bottom section has sat in the sea bed for many years, looks like new. The top section of the pile, that’s been out of the water, looks like new. The middle section, where the tide has been rising and falling for many years has had visitors. There is a small crustacean called the Gribble, Limnoria lignorum, which attaches itself to this section of the timber. It nibbles the top surface in 1-2mm diameters which can run to several centimetres long; this causes the effect you see in the images.

Greenheart is one of the most durable timbers in the world so even with the effects of the Gribble it still remains an extremely durable material to use in any project. The Gribble only affects the surface of the timber. We at Ashwells have the machinery to remove the ‘gribbled’ surface of the pile, leaving the timber beneath looking as good as new, and ready to be reinstalled into sea defences and other marine constructional jobs. As for the gribbled section this can be reused creatively as cladding and fencing.

We were approached by Joe Perkins, the Director and Manager of ‘The Outdoor Room’ He was working on a project on the Sussex coast with Jo Thompson of The project was to design a garden for a residential property adjacent to a beach. The client had given them a particular brief due to the properties location. As stated above, they wanted the materials to have the texture and look of something that had been in contact with the sea.

Joe claimed, ‘I was lucky to find Ashwells’, and once he did Janine took great pleasure in introducing Joe to the sections of our Reclaimed Greenheart timber described above, which she believed would fulfil the client’s requests perfectly.

As seen in the images, Jo Thompson designed this beautiful garden using the Reclaimed Greenheart for fencing and seating. Joe Perkins installed it and claimed it was relatively easy to work with. Due to the random sizes they placed black membrane behind the fencing and had other sections thicknessed so it could be used for seating.

This is only the first stage of this exciting project, I hope to post more images as they become available; watch this space!