Reclaimed timber enhances community space

Our reclaimed Oak sits at the heart of the new Ripple Greenway, a beautiful community greenspace transformation in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. ,

Shotley Pier: Reclaimed Greenheart boards laid

Our FSC certified Greenheart has been laid as the renovation of Shotley Pier reaches a key milestone.

Shotley Pier: Greenheart to restore pier to former glory

Renovation of Shotley Pier has begun and we're supplying reclaimed tropical Greenheart - the hardest timber in the world.

FSC Reclaimed Timber

Feeling proud! Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) UK spotlights our timber within the APES playground project.

Open for Business

We're so happy to 'press play' again on our reclaimed timber services, including advice, surveys, reclamation and supply of FSC® certified timber.

We’re Here, Social Distancing, Sending Support From Our Team

Our team is a family, our community of customers is the same. From each person here at Ashwells Reclaimed Timber, we wish everyone the strength and resolve to rise above the challenges ahead.

RHS Chelsea 2020 Facebook Garden

Award winning designer Joe Perkins is back at RHS Chelsea 2020 with a second Facebook collaboration - Facebook: Growing the Future. We're thrilled to be providing a selection of FSC certified reclaimed timber for the building of this landmark sustainable garden.

Shotley Pier: Reclaimed timber at heart of renovation

Shotley Pier will open to the public once again, thanks to an incredible community project and 20 year coastal revival project. We're thrilled to be providing a selection of FSC certified reclaimed Greenheart for the rebuilding of this historic landmark.

Waste management. Where good practice in sustainable construction should begin

All too often, construction is stuck in a linear model where waste management and procurement exist in separate silos. Here we look into how this is holding the circular economy back, and suggest that waste management becomes the starting point of any procurement process.

How an interior design firm is rethinking timber in the workplace

While some are still debating sustainable design strategies, and how to best specify materials that reduce carbon emissions, BASE Interiors has chosen action.

Timber in the UK’s Circular Economy

Fresh from the Landscape Show, we address the hot topic on everyone's agenda...sustainable design. Looking at the circular economy, and the role reclaimed tropical timber plays in reducing the environmental impact of construction.

Reclaimed Greenheart puts the smile back into playtime

Reclaimed sustainable timber demonstrates its circular economy potential once again.  As John O’Driscoll and the award-winning Adventure Playground Engineers re-use Greenheart timber re-claimed from the Woolwich Ferry Terminal in an ambitious design for Berkeley Homes.    At Ashwells  Reclaimed Timber [...]

Ashwells supports European 50% reclamation targets

Ashwells supports European 50% reclamation targets As the new Europe wide FCRBE initiative launches, Ashwells joins Salvo’s action group, and pledges to do all it can to help increase the reuse of [...]

Eco-Friendly Design that’s Durable and Stable

Eco-Friendly Design that’s Durable and Stable Reclaimed sustainable timber proves its landscape design credentials once again.  As the celebrated Davies White ‘Back to Nature’ design - featuring reclaimed tropical Keruing - takes [...]

Sustainable Timber at RHS

Sustainable Timber at RHS Reclaimed sustainable timber has taken pride of place at this year’s RHS Chelsea, with Ashwells Reclaimed Timber featuring in both the Back to Nature and Facebook: Behind the [...]