Reclaimed sustainable timber sits at the heart of a beautiful community greenspace transformation.  As the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Sustrans and Trees for Cities re-use Oak, reclaimed from an RSPB nature reserve, in an ambitious park & cycle path redevelopment. 


At Ashwells  Reclaimed Timber we’re actively working to support sustainable construction, and want to see the reuse of tropical timber increase t50%.     

That’s why the collaborative projects we work on with community groups, civil engineering contractors and landscape architects are so important to us.  This most recent project, The Ripple Greenway situated between Thames View Estate and the brand new Barking Riverside housing development in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, is an outstanding example. 

*Image courtesy of Trees for Cities

Natural community space

The Ripple Greenway, previous known as Thames Ward Greenspace, was rundown and hardly used. Now the park has a new lease of life – and is in the process of being turned into a beautiful, 1.3 km greenway that travels through Thames Ward. It offers safer, healthier routes to school and work, providing an alternative to the busy and polluted Thames Road south of it.  Discover more about this project.

In amongst the new pathway of large trees, hedgerows and woodland habitat will also sit our custom-made nature play areas and habitat logs crafted from reclaimed Oak.  The design includes an exciting Oak pyramid structure, created in our Bulphan timber mill and fitted with FSC certified reclaimed Greenheart ground pads to extend the Oak’s material life expectancy as it comes in contact with damp ground.



Janine Davies Tutt, Managing Director of Ashwells Reclaimed Timber says –

“The reclaimed Oak timber featured in this project once grew in an RSPB nature reserve, and the Greenheart would have first been felled in Guyana, before being imported into the UK as virgin sections.   Too often unwanted timber such as this is woodchipped, burnt or sent to landfill, even though it is a crime to throw away, burn, compost or recycle reusable timber for which there is a market.  However, thanks to Sustrans & Trees for Cities decision to specify reclaimed timber valuable resources have been saved and flow in a circular way.  With our reclamation and re-purposing, and Trees for Cities sustainable design approach completing the circular economy loop.” 

Through this shining example of the sustainable treatment of waste, and sustainable design – residents of Barking Riverside & Barking town centre will be able to enjoy a beautiful route to cycle, walk, relax or play for generations to come.”   


About Ashwells Reclaimed Timber

Ashwells Reclaimed Timber is a tropical reclamation specialist based in Bulphan, Essex.   We reclaim and repurpose FSC certified tropical timber and temperate British hardwoods.  From our timber mill we supply hard and softwoods to be re-purposed into bespoke pieces, from garden planters and seating to street furniture and sea defences.  We’re also proud to collaborate with award winning landscape designers, architects and civil engineers, and our reclaimed tropical timber can be seen in major projects across the UK, including hotel and restaurant chains, the Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, The Eden Project and London Zoo.