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Play on Nature: Ashwells Reclaimed Timber in Natural Play Areas 

Natural play, or play in nature, is proven to have a positive impact on children’s development and well-being. Here, we explore some of the playgrounds and play areas that artfully incorporate our sustainable reclaimed timber, fostering a harmonious blend of nature and playfulness. Let’s explore a few notable examples. 


Kite Park Playground: John O’Driscoll and the award–winning Adventure Playground Engineers (APES) specified reclaimed Greenheart timber for this ambitious natural playground design in Kidbrooke – for Berkeley Homes. The tropical timber was reclaimed by Ashwells at the request of building and civil engineering contractor Bam Nuttall during the 2018 Woolwich Ferry upgrade project. 


George’s Field Playscape, Hanwell: Location in West London, this play area features dead standing trees sourced from local tree surgeons and a natural bridge and cycle stands crafted from our reclaimed tropical timber. Landscape architects Adam White & Andrèe Davies of Davies White specialise in children’s playful landscapes and gardens. This project showcases how sustainable reclaimed timber can be used to provide children with varied opportunities to climb, explore, and imagine 


Millfield Park: In the heart of Hackney, our reclaimed timber has been used by Aileen Shackell, Landscape Designer and Phil Doyle, Play Consultant to create a nature-inspired play area, on a very limited budget. We worked with them to prepare and supply the central play-tree feature, the tree sections surrounding the sand area and the feature entrance. All tree sections were sourced from local tree surgeon waste and managed forests. 


These are just a few examples of the play areas that have embraced our reclaimed timber and experienced the positive impact of incorporating nature into play spaces. We take great pride in knowing that our FSC certified timber contributes to the well-being and development of children in these communities. 

If you are interested in learning more about the play areas featuring our recycled timber or if you have any specific species or types of reclaimed timber in mind, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team is always ready to assist you in creating natural and sustainable play environments.