The Bigger Picture

We are often asked to explain why we are so passionate about reclaiming and upcycling tropical hardwood timber in the UK. To answer this question one has to stand back and look at the bigger picture. Pull back from this fast, consumer based planet we live in today.

We at Ashwells believe that for the resources to continue to sustain us we must look at what we have available before us; before we draw more from this beautiful planet.

Many years ago the UK imported timber from around the world, stripping forests in South East Asia, Australia, West Africa and Brazil, to name a few. These trees had taken hundreds of years to achieve the size they were; growing so slowly in the heat, that the grain was extremely dense, and exceptionally durable. This majestic timber was brought back to the UK and used to build the infrastructure around the country.

Over recent years this timber has been replaced, and we have strived to reclaim as much as possible so a second use can be found. Why? Remember these timbers are hundreds of years old and due to its durability it is able to be used again and again. Every piece has a story to tell and when cut, displays the most beautiful colours.

The UK Government have Policies in place in an attempt to reduce the amount of illegally imported tropical timber; however, it would appear, implementing this policy in an on-going challenge.