The Day Countryfile Came to Visit

After numerous phone calls and fact checking the day finally arrived.

Everyone at Ashwells was thrilled that the BBC had decided to feature our company on a nationally loved programme.

We were excited and nervous, desperately wanting the programme to get what we were all about, and wanting them to appreciate the beauty of the stunning timber we reclaim.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry. The film crew that came along were extremely professional and patient. We wanted to tell them so much about what we do, from the historical part of how tropical timber came to be on our shores, to the amazing projects our extremely talented and imaginative clients had used it on.

Janine, who generally stays away from any form of networking, became extremely relaxed when asked to do what she does on a regular base; drive a forklift! She and the presenter, Anita Rani, got on so well a number of times the Director had to bring them back to task. Anita claimed it was because she found the back stories to our reclaimed timber so fascinating.

Then it came to my part! The Director casually asked me to talk about the different species of timber and maybe mention a few projects they had been used on in the past.

Sounds simple enough one might think!!!

Nerves crept up on me like fast growing ivy. Anita was extremely sweet; giving me pointers on what to do with my hands and how to keep on point. It was over in a flash and the Director seemed happy, I think.

Just over two weeks later the show we were featured on was aired. We had no idea how we were going to be portrayed, but I had a phrase going around in my head, ‘they don’t want us to look bad’.

Janine and I were thrilled with the end result. I thought the programme captured our passion for what we do extremely well. As a result of the show the phones have been busy; which has led to us meeting more fascinating, and creative people.


If you missed the programme please follow the link below. You will be able to see Ashwells in action during the following times:

2.40 – 08.05

52.42 – 55.57