Calling all civil and marine engineers, demolition/building contractors, and architectural salvage and reclamation companies: we need your timber! As the UK’s leading tropical timber specialist, we are always on the look-out for hardwood timber sources to reclaim and repurpose for future use in an FSC-certified process that prevents further deforestation, saves energy and mineral resources, and protects architectural history.  

Around 17% of the Amazon rainforest has been felled in the past 50 years alone. Tropical hardwoods are part of the UK’s colonial heritage. We specialise in reclaiming these timbers and repurposing them for future use. These processes preserve their durability and help to generate a sustainable circular economy.  

It is against the law to throw away, burn or compost reusable timber. We can clear and reclaim even the most degraded timber, and re-saw for future client projects. We have a proven track record of working together with coastal groups, civil and marine engineers, landscape designers and architectural partners across the UK to reclaim and repurpose both temperate and tropical timber in jetty, harbour, pontoon, fender, decking, piling, bridge and sea defence works. 

Importantly, as an FSC-certified reclaimed timber supplier, we provide a transparent and traceable chain of custody for all our reclaimed timber, whatever its source. Choosing an FSC-certified reclamation partner like us demonstrates that your project salvage policies comply with the highest social and environmental standards – and is an effective way to gain public and consumer recognition of your responsible practices. Another big benefit? Using an external company like us to manage your timber reclamation saves time and money, helping you to stress less, generate more profit, and reach your green goals, too. 


Please call or email to find out more, or click here to download our Timber Salvage and Reclaimed Timber Guides.