Top Landscape Trends of 2024

2024 trends in landscape architecture can be summed up in two words—resilient and natural. From Edimental Beds and Hibernacula to Naturalistic Patios, Paths, and Seating, as Garden Design magazine reports, garden designers are embracing new sustainable concepts, working with the environment, and making reclaimed material choices.

Here, we showcase some incredible examples of the top landscape trends of 2024.  Each is a pioneering garden that puts the environment, natural wildlife, and community first – all are gardens featuring Ashwells Reclaimed Timber.


1. On Tropic Garden, RHS Tatton

Designer: Freddie Strickland

Sponsored by Ashwells Reclaimed Timber, the ‘On Tropic’ garden in partnership with Two Circles Design and Chris Briggs was awarded gold at RHS Tatton 2021. We supplied forty jarrah deck boards reclaimed from Tilbury Docks, which added immense durability and character to his garden.


2. Edible Organic Landscapes, Planters

Designer: Sarah Kent

Sarah Kent’s community-based projects put Edimental raised beds at the heart of garden design.  Here, our reclaimed oak timber forms durable, versatile planters.  The result is a transformed hard-standing area, now an attractive, functional space, providing fresh produce for the local community.


3. The Sadler’s Wells East Garden, RHS Chelsea

Designer: Alexa Ryan Mills

Characterful FSC-certified reclaimed Balau cladding takes centre stage and helps bring this dance inspired, silver medal winning garden to life. Showcasing natural seating in a naturalistic planting scheme. A truly stunning, sustainable green space.


4. Royal Entomological Society Garden, RHS Chelsea

Designer: Tom Massey

Reclaimed Oak Logs from JJ Davies Forestry based in Kent are transformed into a dead tree ‘sculpture’ elevated to ‘float’ over biodiverse planting. Standing dead tree stumps provide future sculptural habitat within the garden.


5. RHS Resilient Garden, RHS Hampton Court

Designer: Tom Massey

FSC certified Ekki Decking reclaimed from Stratford was chosen to become a durable and characterful walkway and reclaimed Oak fenders were supplied for table legs and table tops within this naturalist garden.


Why the UK’s Leading Landscape Architects are Choosing FSC Certified Reclaimed Timber

“Hearing the back story of pieces of reclaimed timber really sparks our imagination, every piece has got a narrative. If you want timber which looks like it fits in a landscape, using timber which is already weathered in is such a useful way to do this.” – Adam White and Andree Davies, Directors, Davies White Ltd

“This beautiful wood not only tells a fabulous story of repurposing and respect for the environment, but it also adheres to the highest environmental and ethical standards. I’m really proud to use FSC certified timber and encourage people to reuse timber.” – Freddie Strickland

“One reason we selected Ekki hardwood decking for our ‘Slow Down Breathe Deep’ garden at RHS Tatton Park was because it created that very traditional feeling visually. The strength in the grain of the timber allowed us to have unsupported sections of the deck. It’s a brilliant timber to use.” – Alex Pettitt

“Resilience was a big theme in my show garden and I wanted this to be reflected in the hard wood materials that I used. It’s hard wearing, with a lovely weathered effect which you can only get from high quality, reclaimed wood.” – Camellia Hayes

And, our partners at Furnitubes say, “The material is incredibly durable and works really well in outdoor furniture. It is a beautiful product with a great history and story to tell.” – Catherine Barratt, Managing Director, Furnitubes


Reclaimed Timber in Garden Design

Janine Davies-Tutt surveying timber at Chapman Sands at the invitation of Jacobs and Balfour Beatty

When it comes to reclaimed and repurposed timber in garden design, the limit is your imagination; you can mix and match different species materials to add character, heritage, and colour for a genuinely unique aesthetic.

The critical consideration is provenance.  Look for The Forest Stewardship Council® – a global certification system that promotes responsible timber reclamation and procurement best practice.

As an FSC certified reclaimed tropical timber contractor we provide a transparent and traceable chain of custody for all our reclaimed timber, whatever its source.  Our reclaimed tropical timber, including Greenheart, Jarrah and Ekki, is sourced by us from marine sites across the UK.

It becomes available because at a certain point a timber structure in a marine or river environment will have to be replaced or dismantled and reconstructed, usually because it presents a significant safety hazard or maintenance becomes increasingly uneconomical.  The timing of this is usually determined by the condition of the primary timber members, which are the most difficult and expensive to replace.

Choosing to source reclaimed timbers through an FSC accredited process provides you with a credible solution to complex environmental and social issues.  Our landscape architect and garden design clients find that it is an effective way to gain public and consumer recognition of their responsible supply chain procurement practices and helps to make progress against Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.


Feeling inspired?  Walk through our step-by-step guide to help you use more reclaimed timber in landscape architecture projects.  Download our guide, click here.